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37mm Launcher

This cannon is the perfect accessory for your next sales conference or conference center. With its flashy flare gun subsidies and flares, this gun will make your audience feel like they are at the forefront of technology. Plus, the intricate case and hull design will make your customers feel like they are the center of the universe.

37mm Multi-launcher

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37 Mm Flare Launcher

The 37 mm flare launcher is a powerful and effective weapon forfired from a great armaments. The flare launcher is also a great weapon for utilizing as a close-attack or long-distance target. The case is aluminum and has a flare gun on it that can be used with your favorite gun. the 37mm multi launcher is a perfect insert for nearby cases. It is plastic and easy to clean up. The case opener can fit within the case, making it a great case openers. The 37mm multi launcher is also a great way to get cases closer to your work area. this 37mm 3d printed payload shells with burst disk x3 is a great fit for metal 37mm launchers! It has a comfortable shoulder elevation and comes with key yourself in to the fun quickly! the diy 37mm launcher is a unique build that includes three payload shells in 3dprinted builds. This launcher is perfect for those that need to take down another gun with their 37mm gun.