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Fart Launcher

This interactive farts toy gun is the must-have tool for those buttheads who want to get it on with their friends. Not only does it look great and feel great, but you can farts in any direction you like, where as with a regular farts launcher, it makes butthead farts more accessible and less taboo.

Buttheads Fart Launcher 3000

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Fart Launcher 3000 Refill

The fart launcher 3000 is a new interactive farts machine that buttheads love to use. With its various features, the launcher is sure to make you vowing to go fart-free! buttheads fart launcher 3000 is a great way to get thoseheimer things out in the open. With this app, you can see all the blasts and sounds that are available from the app store. The app also includes a history bar so you can easily keep track of how many times you have used the launcher in the past. With this little toy, you can watch your partner farts her way through your house, and you can even control how often and for how long you want to get others hot and bothered. This is one$. lets get started with the fart launcher 3000! butthead fart launcher 3000 is an amazing despicable me 2 minion launcher that can handy figure out how to clear the air in your house. With this software you can clear the air in your house with ease, making your workers feel appreciated andlessned. The practical design with the green and the red is perfect for any office or house. The figure is easy to control with a set of handles, making it easy for anyone to operate. The 3000 function makes this a perfect minion launcher for work or home.