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Hot Wheels Launcher Rubber Band

This doll rocket launcher is practical for your next diecast car project! With the help of this launcher, you can track your car all while nothing but a smile.

Hot Wheels Launcher Rubber Band Amazon

Our Hot Wheels launchers are peerless for storing and connecting your car's wheels, the rubberbands make it basic to move your car around, and the red, blue, and gray are excellent for differentiating your car from the rest. This is a first-class launcher for attitude and tails as it can hold your Rubber Band hoard together! The Band is in like manner course enough to get the job done, while the Hot Wheels tracks keep your car moving, this is a Hot Wheels launcher with a Rubber Band as the only source of power. The launcher works by the player using the Rubber Band to launch the Hot Wheels car from the track, the track obstacles and obstacles so the game is over before it renders even started. The kit comes with a launch kit, parts needed to build the launcher, and a shortage of Rubber band, this kit is puissant for lovers who crave to build their own Hot Wheels game on the go! This is an enticing add-on for your Hot Wheels car launcher that allows you to launch your cars! You can see your cars while they are launching or use them as anda_bot's car of the day.